International Higher School of Medicine

Establishment Year : International Higher School of Medicine
Type of Institution : Select
World Ranking : 11532
National Ranking : 25
No of Students : 6332
Total Faculties :
Total no of Graduates :
Hostel Within Campus : Yes
Total no of Beds :
Hospitals Owned : Owned
Hospitals Affilated : 5

International Higher School of Medicine

The International Higher School of Medicine is considered the most prominent university established in 2003 for higher education in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The medical school confirms approximately 6332 students of different nationalities like globe-India, Pakistan, South Korea, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey and Syria studying at IHSM every year from Central as well as South Asia.

International Higher School of Medicine management staff and faculty members focus on creating a modern progressive educational organisation that contributes high-quality training during MBBS education.

The higher education programs are ensured by highly-qualified and experienced personnel, the IHSM has 168 teachers including 81 teachers with academic standards (48%).

IHSM with a well-organised infrastructure and expert faculty members who are recognized specialists in numerous areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies.



Why Study MBBS at International Higher School of Medicine?

Let's dive into the benefits to pursue a medical career in International Higher School of Medicine:

  • The International Higher School of Medicine offers a lowest and convenient fee schedule for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The International Higher School of Medicine has 5 affiliated hospitals.
  • The university has official recognition with WHO, IIME, FAIMER, AMEE and ORPHEUS.
  • The medical program is top-ranked with expert teachers, scientists, and physicians being the leading experts in their fields.
  • The university campus has a modern building with well-equipped classrooms, lecture halls, library, laboratories.
  • The school also organises various extra-curricular activities, sports sections and theatres etc. for students during medical studies.
  • It comprises experienced and renowned faculty members.
  • The university offers continuous study, analysis, and a feedback system on education quality from scholars, employers, and partners.
  • The International Higher School of Medicine has a well-developed infrastructure and latest equipment required for better education of students.
  • IHSM has expanded opportunities for cooperation and partnership in the world.
  • Practical laboratories at IHSM have many modern multimedia and specialized equipment.

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